Today I Will Buy Roses

roses-1I loved the lily,
You hated the scent,
Said it smelled like a death bed.
You asked me, am I dying?

The lilies wilted downstairs,
Death affirming life.
I couldn’t answer,
Spoke the truth.

You gave me the red dress,
draped like rose petals.
I should be more extravagant,
You said, wild and graceful.

You examined your hands,
Life cut a path on your palm.
We agreed it was nonsense.
I remember your wildness,
your grace.

Today I will buy roses.



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2 responses to “Today I Will Buy Roses

  1. Nadia

    I saw some lovely red roses last night in San Diego and had an inexplicable impulse to buy them and refrained.
    Today i will

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