Existence comes bounding

and roaring through creation.

Resounding over vines of time.

On every breath, a whisper.

They come riding on atoms.

Bear fruit – If they beget to be.

They conspired and begot me

to travel along the lines of infinity.

Manifested my glory

from a long line of ancestry.

Giant shoulder to giant shoulder.

Their power to stand upon.

Laying down their blood and bone,

foundations set for storyline.

Living mythology cultured in the

roots of our bloodlines.

Oh, hundreds came before me!

All those lives that collided to create me,

Love making lines in the webs of time,

Love made real by their design.

And when I lay down my bones

onto the timeless tale of descent,

my love will leave a sweet story.

My blood will bleed generations.

And I will journey on to be

a shoulder for the rest to rest upon.

I will dance in the wind

and you will hear a whisper

of your ancestor.

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