Equinox Blessings – Into the Light

Look to the places where balance may be found. In yourself, in nature, in other people, and in your environment. There is harmony, duality, parity, proportion, symmetry, but are these not just projections and reflections of equilibrium?
This time of shifting tides can be unsettling. Balance itself is a transient thing. Everything is in flux – moving, growing, changing.

Does balance not bring stagnation? If we manage to maintain a perfect balance where would the impulse for movement come from? Like weighing scales with the same weight on each side, remaining still, the movement only occurs when we add or remove something from either side.

This transient, ever flowing dance of life is always in flux, ever-changing, and here is the paradox – the times of Equinox more often reflect where we are out of balance.spring equinox

To dance on the ebbs and tides of life, moving to a place where harmony is felt may be more realistic. A sacred synergy of life flowing together, not seeking or grasping an illusory concept of balance, but simple surrender.

Perhaps instead of seeking balance, we seek to go with the flow of these shifting tides. To acknowledge that imbalance is its own perfect force. To understand that transformation requires movement.

So as the days progressively transform towards summer, here is a poem about the increasing light.

Into the Light

If you’ve been hid away and feeling lonely
and no one out there understands your plight;
the grieving time is passing very slowly.
Now comes the time of equal day and night.

If you’ve been lighting fires with damp tinder
and every step has turned into a fight.
If you’ve been hiding in the dark all winter,
it’s time for you to step into the light!

If you’ve lost faith and clarity is drowning,
You’re beaten by the struggle and the strife.
If your feelings have taken a good pounding,
while dancing on the ebbs and flows of life,

Know warmer summer days are coming in now,
there’s more chance to find your heart’s delight.
It’s time to gather with your kith and kin now,
so all of us can step into the light.

Let’s share the treasures of the winter’s reaping,
let’s bring the light to truth found in the dark.
Together; in our laughter or our weeping.
Let summer sun ignite our youthful spark.

Now, all of us have taken some refining,
while healing all the wounds of what is done,
oh I can’t wait to see your eyes a shining,
reflected in the warmth of summer sun.

Lisa Goodwin, Bard of Ynys Witrin – March 2014

Happy equinox to you lovelies – please do get in touch, I love it when I hear from folk who enjoy the poems and musings.
Brightest blessings



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4 responses to “Equinox Blessings – Into the Light

  1. Thank you Lisa your poem is so true and here in Australia we are moving into winter and some much cooler weather at last.
    Everything constantly changes but life at times feels stagnant until we move and keep pushing forward to experience the wonders of this amazing world in which we live. Don’t ever allow the dark to take control the light is a fair greater place 🙂

    • Yes Indeed! The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it!

      So as we move to the light and warmth, you move into the darker cooler half of the year, you sound like it is a relief. I am certainly relieved that spring is here … just six weeks to the start of summer – hooray!

      Bright blessings xxxx

  2. Hazel Bird

    Hope to meet your shining eyes soon. Right this second I’m waiting in the foyer of magistrates court (drug driving! ), feeling connected and happy in the knowledge that in a short time (geologically speaking) this will all be a friendly ruin with plants and trees reclaiming, a haven. Love you’s xxxxx ________________________________

    • Eyes a shining just thinking of you sweet Hazelbird. Court cos you were caught .. not good – I hope you keep your licence.Sending love and best wishes for the best outcome – Thank you for all you do to take care of your haven xx Hope to see you soon Bro xx Big love

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