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Re-member Richard Whiting


I have been studying ritual and esoteric magic systems for over 20 years, and since becoming a Bard of Avebury in 1998 have been openly leading and taking part in public ceremony in Glastonbury and at festivals across the UK. I am a trained VortexHealer interested in Earth energy systems and leylines. My work within the Merlin lineage has led me to work with sacred space and geomantic stress. My love of community brought me to Glastonbury.
In September 2007 in London I attended an Intensive Earthshift Class as part of my VortexHealing training. Some of the work we did had the intention to clear the earth of negative energies that could be used as a source of power for black magic. This dense ‘black magic’ energy had accumulated on the planet through the intentional use of magical ritual, torturous death, and events involving pain and deep trauma. These sources of power are held in pockets of energy in the land that can be drawn from to support potent magical practice with ill intent.

My consciousness was drawn directly beneath the Tor. As if there was, at least at one time in history, such dense energy moving through the location that it had stuck and it was still there. I breathed rapidly, along with the rest of the class, and followed the instructions we were given. I felt an intense rush of energy; it felt like pulling out a plug and leaving room for fresh clear flow.

Much good work has been done within our community to lessen the impact of these killings, and it has had a potent affect on many levels; physically, spiritually, magically and energetically. Each of us is a part of the bigger picture and the healing that has occurred at this location of great global importance is crucial in the rebuilding of common unity.

My interest in local history and a little bit of synchronicity soon led me to the Glastonbury Documents. I found that there was in fact a ritual murder right on the top of Glastonbury Tor! Now I have written a document to detail my findings. You can look forward to hearing more about it soon.

On the 13th November 2012, at the Scorpio dark moon we met at The White Spring ‘For the Love of It’ to gather together and celebrate common unity. It was a joyous night, a true tribal gathering that warmed our hearts. At midnight, we stood in circle together to re-member Whiting and his companions and to acknowledge and empower the persistence of love and common unity that cannot be broken. Our community is coming together, I see it all around me, different groups working together, civic support opening up into areas of the community that they have never before. The rift is healing in Glaston and I give thanks for all those who have been called to play their part.


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White Spring Diary – Merlin – Part 2

So on Monday evening we waited at The White Spring. We lit up the place with candles as usual, swept the shrines out and then sang for a while. Anthony arrived with a new teacher, her husband, and Daisy Foss, another Vortex Student.

As he stepped over the threshold I noticed, of all things, his shoes! They were black converse boots, the same shoes that Dr Who wears in the current TV show. I had an odd sci-fi moment. The blue of the doors, the Tardis quality of the White Spring; it seeming much bigger on the inside, the ‘Dr Who’ shoes disappearing into the building … and for a moment, my mind was transported into a fantastic story of time travelling Wizards. I chuckled to myself and followed him inside, stepping into another world entirely.

Those of you who know the White Spring will appreciate the ‘other worldlyness’ about it. It takes you right out of the mundane world and expresses such a magic and beauty that, once you surrender to it, you cannot help but feel moved by the experience.

We told them a brief history of the building and about the water, the shrines and the philosophy of the temple space. After wandering around getting a feel for it, Anthony told us of the interesting energies that he could sense. There was a short pause at each shrine before he told us what we were going to do. I was pleased when he said that, rather than changing anything here, we would be enhancing the natural magic already present at the site. Merlin had a gift for the White Spring and the teachers, with our help, would create the energetic structures needed for them to manifest.

A divine door would be opened in the space, to deepen the expression of the natural magic of Gaia and an earthworks funnel would also be created in the centre of the space that would link into the nexus point of ley-lines beneath the Tor and flow out from there, preventing any further stagnation.

I didn’t fully understand these energetic structures or know how to create them, as I have not done the training to Earthworks level yet. However, I do understand (something of) this place, and the energy of VortexHealing, so I knew that nothing would happen here unless it was perfect for this place right now. Besides, my heart was singing a resounding Yes! through the whole experience. Max and I don’t yet have the tools needed to create these kinds of energetic structures so we were to be focussing on integrating them whilst the two teachers and other two students created them.

We stood together in the central chamber. First, the divine door was created; the teachers focused and our breathing became much faster. I felt the energy build all around us and then there was an intense sensation in the centre and around my heart space, it felt like an awesome amount of energy. As the ‘door’ opened it was like the whole building was breathing, the stone, not so solid, seemed to be sighing.  The whole building was alive, it was in the very structure of the place. Daisy confirmed this when she asked Anthony where the door was located, and he said ‘it’s everywhere’.

When we moved on to the funnel structure there  was also an interesting sensation. Whilst integrating, I felt a need  to pull back out of it for a second to ground because the energy was so intense … difficult to put into words. A very powerful (almost orgasmic) feeling deep in the heart space expanded and kind of moved up to my head.

It was so intense that I had a huge wave of emotion (associated with my mind suddenly saying something like ‘Wow, this is amazing’). I thought I might pass out, I could feel my eyes rolling backwards and had to really pull my focus back and surrender so that I could keep going.

Then Anthony told us that Merlin wanted to open a divine door in the funnel. More powerful breath work was needed. We needed to do a mantra to connect deeper to the Merlin. Like a burst of energy from the centre, like lightning, but without so much impact – the door opened. Anthony told us that this divine door was quite unusual, and even more so, that this funnel was connected to a galactic ley-line.

Anthony visited the Brigid Shrine just before he left. He seemed to particularly like the energy there. He told us that it was truly magical. I had no doubt, the hazel bower; built as a prayer, the flame; kept warm and tended for 7 years, the love and dedication, the songs that are sung, the consecration of the space – it all goes towards the divine presence that may be felt here.

It was delightful just after they all left – our resident robin hopped into the building through the front door, right inside the building. He took a look around and then flew out again. Natural magic.

Max and I locked the doors for a time and stayed in the semi-darkness after putting out the candles. I felt like a child with a new toy; it felt so wonderful in there! We stood in the centre, where the funnel is, and looked at the back wall – we could see very clearly an image that I took to be Merlin – it looked 3d like it had depth and character, a giant head (like in the Wizard of Oz) – Yes really! I have a vivid imagination and often ‘see’ things in the White Spring, but never have I seen such a powerful image of Merlin so clearly. Max could see it too. One eye open and one eye closed. Funny … I know it was the light in the wet places on the wall, and the lime seeping through the walls that the image was made up of, yet my mind hadn’t done that with it before. I have seen dragons, monks, ladies dancing, and even a boat, this was the first time I saw such a tangible image of Merlin in the shifting shapes.

The next day I arrived at the Spring and the keepers for that day looked at me and said – ‘What have you done to the place!’ They told me that the energy was tangible, they had felt it the moment they opened the doors. They said it felt kind of feminine, like a secret rose garden or something …. I guessed that would be the divine door to Gaia that they were sensing. One of them commented that it feels like a new temple.

The water flow is increased now due to the rain and there is a powerful raw energy about it. Anthony told me that the energy would build and it will come more into form. When I asked what we can do as keepers to help or maintain the energetic structures he told us, simply be aware of them, love nature and continue with what you are doing.

I have so much gratitude for Anthony, the VortexHealing group, and for Merlin bringing the gifts for the White Spring, they are so appropriate and perfect right here, right now. Merlin knows what he’s doing for sure!

Many of our visitors at Mayday and Beltane commented that the place feels joyful and alive. Why not come along and see if you can notice any shifts in the energy at the White Spring? I’d love to hear what impressions you might get.


Brightest Blessings


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White Spring Diary – Merlin – Part 1

The excitement began to build as soon as I had word that a VortexHealing teacher of ours would be in town for two weeks. I  invited him to the White Spring and he said he would like to come so we arranged a day for his visit. He told me that he would see if ‘Merlin’ … (as arising within VortexHealing) has a gift for the sacred space. I was also very interested in his impression of the place.  I trust the magical integrity of my teachers and could feel that this visit would be of such benefit to the White Spring.

To explain, here are some words from the VortexHealing website.

‘VortexHealing® is a Divine healing art and path for awakening. It is designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness,
heal the physical body, and awaken freedom within the human heart.
This is the Merlin lineage.’

‘It [The Merlin lineage] is the historical line of teachers and students that have learned VortexHealing from the Divine Expression that calls itself Merlin. (The Merlin that is associated with King Arthur was not this Divine Expression but one of the human teachers of the Merlin lineage.) All Divine Expressions bring into manifestation a unique quality of the Divine. Merlin brings in the quality of magical transformation. Merlin’s healing art, VortexHealing, transforms emotional conditioning, transforms physicality and transforms ego-identity. The movement of that transformation is through the Divine magic of Merlin’s energy and consciousness. The nature of that movement is the magical awakening of conditioned consciousness to its true nature and expression.’


The first time my work with the White Spring and VortexHealing came together was in September 2007 in London, when Max and I attended an Intensive Earthshift Class. Around 140 Vortex Students and 3 teachers had gathered in a hotel next to Hyde Park where we did some very intense energy work. We did a variety of things and for much of the time we had the help of the Angelic realm.

Some of the work we did together had the intention to clear the earth of negative energies that could be used as a source of power for black magic. This dense ‘black magic’ energy had accumulated on the planet through the intentional use of magical ritual, torturous death, and events involving pain and deep trauma. I got the sense that this energy had been created in history (maybe even in some places in the world it was still being created) and that the sources of power were kind of ‘held’ in pockets of energy in the land that could be drawn from to support magical practice with ill intent.

When I surrendered to the process, my consciousness was drawn directly to the White Spring, and more specifically beneath the Tor. If I could put it into words, I would say it was something like unblocking a huge plug hole. Like when the hair blocks up the flow in a bath so that what needs to shift through cannot drain away naturally. As if there was, at least in one time through history, such dense energy moving through the location of the Tor that it had stuck and it was still there. I breathed, along with the rest of the class, and followed the instructions we were given. When it unblocked I felt this huge rush of energy, it was like pulling out the hair so the dirty water could now flow away leaving room for fresh clear flow. The negative energy was now able to drain away from the physical locations.

Now, of course this is just my perception, and my feeble attempt to put the indescribable into words. I recognise the work that has been done by many others and has helped to put this right, on many levels; physically, spiritually, magically and energetically.

After this intense weekend we returned to the White Spring to see if there was anything different. As soon as I walked in I saw that someone had left a figure of an angel as an offering. Much of what we had done in London had involved the Angelic realm, so I was delighted to be greeted by a beautiful Angelic image. The whole place felt much clearer and fresh, confirming what I had felt at a distance; it even seemed lighter in there. I mean the physical light as well as the uplifting feeling. This all happened before the renovation of the White Spring, so it was a very different place to what you see now. There were hidden areas, low ceilings, dark corners, little lights (that often didn’t work because it was so wet). It was beautiful, yet it was very old and in a state of entropy. The renovation began the following year (September 2008) and continued at a pace until we built the pools that are seen there now.(Pools completed 1st May 2009)

In the years that followed, through my interest in local history and quite a bit of synchronicity, I found that there was in fact a ritual murder right on the top of Glastonbury Tor! In 1539, Richard Whiting, the Last Abbot of Glastonbury and two of his companions were hung drawn and quartered, I believe, with the very intent of creating such a ‘pocket of negative energy’ beneath the Tor that could be (and indeed has been) used for the purposes of black magic.

The story and mystery of the Last Abbot of Glastonbury is easily found online. Max and I first found out about it when we got an invitation to attend a remembrance service in the Abbey for Richard Whiting and his companions. Although it was a Catholic service and neither of us are Catholic, we both felt compelled to go, and so we did … but that’s another story.

For now, all we need to know is that there is no longer any expression of negative energy that can be used for black magic at or around the site of Glastonbury Tor. I have now been reliably informed by Anthony (after his visit) that this is the case.

So that’s where it started. Ever since arriving here in Glastonbury, and feeling so ‘at home’ at the Spring, this feeling of being supported and guided by the Divine magic of Merlin at the White Spring has been a constant. So I am sure you can understand why I was so excited to have a teacher of the Merlin Lineage be physically present in the building, and to think of what Merlin might do with that.

Read Merlin – part 2 to find out what happened

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The White Spring Diary – Beltane Preparations

So with the season of Beltane fully upon us, the seasonal altar changes. Although we are very caught up with the Community Beltane Celebrations our focus is very much on the White Spring. Often at this time of year, the energy rises, and occasionally so does the noise. We have to be very careful that it doesn’t get out of hand, and occasionally remind some of our more raucous visitors to be thoughtful of other people’s needs. It has been relatively peaceful over the past week, but before that we had one or two people who were trying to be disruptive – this was dealt with quite quickly and with little fuss. It is not wise to take our eye off of the White Spring at this time of year.

Besides, we have our own For the Love of It Celebration to organise at the Beltane full moon. Altars need to be set and cleaned, and the powerful spring water flows kept in check so that we don’t flood with the increased flow. Whenever I reset the seasonal altar, it gets a complete wash down with White Spring water. All the offerings are taken down and the stones are cleared of wax and scrubbed clean.

For this Beltane altar I placed red and white fabric at the back, behind everything, then a huge copper disk in front to symbolise the return of the summer and to give a beautiful reflection. I like simple shrines and altars and I also like to avoid too much clutter, so I do try to keep it very simple. I created a simple maypole using a stick from my altar at home and attaching red and white ribbons to it. I planted it in the earth that I had put into a small glass vase. This I placed in the centre of the altar. We were gifted some wonderful clay faces, one masculine and one feminine, these were also placed on the altar, with the ribbons connecting to them both, and to the candle that lit up the whole scene. Our Beltane picture was placed to the side of the altar, leaving the dramatic contrast of the red and white colours around and in front of the copper.Now for some fresh flowers, and a stone to ground the whole scene and it was set.

I used more red and white fabric to cover the inside of the doors and create a kind of opening at the entrance. This is also to cover up the damage on the doors (they are the same doors that were there in the 1980’s and although they have lasted well, they have definately had their day. We are currently awaiting new doors, paid for by donations and gifts, which are being hand made by a local carpenter who undertands the energy of The White Spring and what is required from such a set of doors. Sometimes we have to wait for quality craftsmanship.

I had gone to the Spring in the late morning, arriving early for a booking, to give me enough time to redress the altar before the group arrived. I had just completed the task and lit some incense when they turned up. The leader of the group was so appreciative, it was very special for him and this group to have some private time there. I could see why, they loved the place.

It was a grey day that threatened to rain, so they all arrived wearing raincoats and walking boots. I sat at the front step, ready to answer any questions or let people out if they wanted to leave. It was my favourite place to sit when we have a group, you can take in the whole scene and see the diverse ways that people engage with the place, and with the water. There were all ages in the group, a balance of men and women. They visited all the shrines, stopping longer at some than others. It wasn’t long before they decided to get undressed and bathe in the pools. Many of the group bathed naked in the healing pool, and then in the central pool. It is a beautiful gift to be able to hold such a place for people to visit and I am often humbled to see what an impact it has.

One of the visitors came to talk to me. She told me that she was a shaman and asked me if I felt a connection to a dragon power animal. I aid yes; I could understand why she may have tuned in to this, I often commune with what I perceive to be a dragon spirit at the White Spring, I feel a kinship with this particular force there and was not at all surprised to hear that she had noticed this connection. This lady, from New York, stayed after the rest of the group had left and spent a lot of time at each of the shrines. She asked if I would sing with her and share some of the songs that we sing at the White Spring. We sang together … Born of water, cleansing, powerful; healing, changing, I am … then Spirit of the water place, I hear your song. It was delightful to sing together and she wrote down some of the words before taking them to share with the whole group at their fire ceremony the next day.

That evening I had to attend a meeting about the town celebrations. For the past 3 years we have been involved in organising the Beltane celebrations in town. I say organising, but what I really mean is, holding a space where an organic group of volunteers can come together and make something happen. Each year it is different, due to the changing nature of the group and their backgrounds. It’s an interesting excercise to surrender what your personal vision may be to include those of the collective. It is amazing how it all comes together, as people feel empowered to take on roles and organise parts of the day. Somehow the magic happens and we have a stunning spectacle each year for the hundreds of visitors who come to town for Beltane.

It was my job to bring a schedule for the part of the procession that stops at the White Spring and Chalice Well for a blessing of the waters. We knew there would be hundreds of visitors and it is quite a task to get them all through the building and onward to the ceremony out on the land. We discussed the best way of doing this and prepared a loose plan. Chalice Well would be opening the monks gate, so that people may go into the gardens freely and a representative would come out with a blessing from the red waters.We would have a chance to rest and refresh by the waters.

Everyone seemed happy with the ideas, so after a long day I went home and warmed up from the chill I had in my legs from being in the Spring for too long earlier in the day. I love that feeling, but it needs to be sorted, a fire (or a duvet) and a hot drink usually does the trick.

In amongst the preparations, I had word that a VortexHealing teacher of ours would be in town teaching basic and advanced VortexHealing. I had been in contact with him and invited him to the White Spring to see what he thought about the place. He said he would come and we had arranged a day for his visit. He told me that he would also see if ‘Merlin’ … (as arising within VortexHealing) has a gift for this sacred space. I could hardly wait for his visit, but I had too. It was my son’s 12th birthday and I had things planned with him. It would have to wait until after the weekend. And it will have to wait for the next post for you to read about the exciting developments.

Bright Blessings


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Re-member the Holy Thorn

Holy tree only 58 years old.
The Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury was brutally cut back to the trunk this winter, on the same day that a piece was cut from another thorn to send to the Queen. This sad and tragic act upset locals, drew attention from all across the world, and has inspired a Hollywood movie about Joseph of Arimathea. It is said that Joseph visited this fair Isle, possibly bringing the child Jesus with him, and on his arrival he landed on Wearyall Hill and thrust his staff into the land, upon which it instantly flowered.

Every year a piece of the thorn is cut and sent to the regent of this land, this is commonly accepted and sometimes we even see the flowering branch sitting on the Royal table during the Queen’s  speech to the people. On a chill morning in December a branch was cut from the Holy Thorn in St John’s Church by the oldest child in the local Infant School. That very night, the limbs were cut from the Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill and left to fall upon the ground. On the morning of 9th December the dismemberment was discovered by locals.

News stories reported a 2000 year old tree hacked down by vandals, of course, this particular thorn is just 58 years old. Some news reporters were careful to refer to the religious roots of the tree rather than the physical roots. Indeed, local legend refers to the thorn as symbolic of the first stirrings of the Christian Church in England, and suggests that Joseph and his followers continued into Glastonbury to the site where the Abbey ruins now stand. Here, it is said, they built ‘The Mother Church’. There is evidence of an ancient holy enclave on the Abbey site.

The legends talk of the miraculous sprouting staff and many believe that the current site of the tree on Wearyall Hill is where the original once stood. It is however unlikely that a Holy Thorn was planted there over  2000 years ago. If there was a staff which instantly manifested flowers upon contact with this land, it is more likely that it was in a different spot entirely. I am told that old maps show the Thorn further down the hill closer to the Beckery site. I am yet to research this claim, but it rings true for me. Now, I am not suggesting that the legends are false. In fact, the living mythology of this story is powerful in the land.

To understand the symbolism inherent in such a miracle it is important to note that blossoming is particularly related to the feminine, we usually associate blossom, flowers and fruit to the feminine aspect of life. However, the obvious symbolism of the phallic staff being thrust into the earth brings a masculine aspect to the miracle. Feminine and masculine, embodied within a single sacred symbol, unity in the fullness of the Holy thorn.

The vibration of the cutting of the Holy Thorn is potent too. Upon hearing the news, I was reminded of the desecration of Glastonbury Abbey in 1539, and the horrific dismemberment of the then Abbot Richard Whiting and his companions. This tragic, and most likely magic, act still has a resonance that rings throughout this community. Many believe that it is partly responsible for some of the fractures and divisions between different community groups, different faiths, and male and female. Recently, there has been a call to action, one that has been answered, to redress this ancient dishonour on Glastonbury, prompting a re-membrance of Richard Whiting, and so a re-memberance of our community. A magic that ultimately brings unity to us all.

The vicar from St John’s Church in an interview, proudly told the world that ‘Spirituality is rife in Glastonbury – not just Christianity, but other spirituality too’. Interesting words, making it sound like a bit like an illness – however, it is quite true. There is an amazing and diverse spiritual community here in Glastonbury. People of all faiths, and none, came up to Wearyall Hill to mourn and grieve the loss of the Holy Thorn and the striking shape it held in the landscape. Perhaps this tragedy has called us together for a reason.

We have a chance to encourage more tolerance and acceptance within this diverse community. I sincerely feel that the tree will live and ultimately blossom again, but even if we have to grow a new tree, the growth and manifestation of a new shape in the landscape can herald a new dawn for us all. What is echoed in the land will call to our spirits and has the potential to encourage love and healing for all who feel lost or dis-membered. May the loss of the Holy Thorn call us all to re-member, and to reach out to others in a spirit of common unity throughout the world.

Lisa Connolly


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The Day of the Wizards

Happy New Year!!
There has been so much news over the past season. I’ve been too caught up in experiencing it and making sense of the subtle energies to find the time to write. Now I have a chance to organise my thoughts, I’m preparing a hard copy of Wizard News for your delight and entertainment. Our quarterly newsletter goes to print just before Imbolc, and our brand new shiny website goes live too. Exciting times!

There are such big developments in the VortexHealing lineage occurring today that the other news I want to share with you will have to wait. In the words of my teacher, Ric Weinman, ‘Merlin is cranking it full blast. It’s like a revolution in VortexHealing.’

For those who do not already know; Merlin is the source of the VortexHealing lineage and Ric Weinman is the present day founder. More information at

First of all, the synchronicity of this happening today cannot be ignored. This is the day of the Epiphany, the 6th January when, it’s believed in the Christian tradition that the ‘Wise men’ arrived at the side of the Christ child, and brought three gifts. I am not a Christian, still as a Wizard, I love the vibration of this and so this is the day of the year that I recognise as the ‘Day of the Wizards’.

It is rather fitting that today be chosen for a ‘revolution in VortexHealing.’ I thought it had been deliberately chosen for this very reason. I contacted Rik about the timing, and he told me he had no idea that this was an important day for any tradition. Merlin knows what he is doing, and this transmission is occurring at precisely the perfect moment.

Typically, Merlin creates a new transmission and the VortexHealing teachers experiment with it to see what it can and can’t do. When understanding is reached, the transmission is passed on to students who, in their turn, inform the process and development of the new healing tools with their own experience and feedback. There are quite often updates to VortexHealing; it is constantly evolving.

So, now to explain some of the background…I will do my best. A typical session of VortexHealing would include a round of something we call ‘Mauma; The Heart of Oneness (unfolding within the web of being)’ This takes approximately 7 minutes of a full session and involves channelling 7 divine beings, each one manifesting a particular focus of awareness and Divine Healing quality.

The Vortex Wheel (a structure sitting in the area of the chest of each VortexHealer) is used to bring in Mauma, and also to bring in other expressions of Divine Healing; Vortex Energy, of course, and something we call ‘Running Divine lines’. Merlin updated this on Christmas day to have the wheel bring in Merlin’s Healing Essence. This is similar to Mauma in that it brings in Divine Healing, yet it is much more potent. It is used instead of Mauma as it is simpler and more powerful – however, we can still intend to channel Mauma separately if we wish. I am glad of this – I rather like it.

After today’s transmission, Vortex Energy, Merlin’s Healing Essence and Running Divine Lines,  can all be combined so that they can be automatically channeled together when we simply channel Vortex. This creates a new healing vibration that works directly in consciousness at the same time as working fully through the energy system.

Rik tells us that, rather than taking three things and making them one…what Merlin is actually doing is returning to the original One transmission that was broken down into three parts. This means that what comes through is 40% more powerful than channelling each one separately and more of Merlin’s Divine intelligence can be bridged into the energy system! Specific Vortex Energies can still be used, and will also become more potent.

So that’s it…. a very timely, pertinent to what has been going on in my personal life, and fantastic gift from Merlin.

I practice VortexHealing because it works. I would urge anyone who wishes to learn more about this Divine Healing Art to check out the website. If it resonates with you, I would encourage you to take the training; it is the most effective healing tool that I have experienced, and has completely changed my life.

Why not treat yourself and come and visit our wonderful new Wizard HQ for some powerful transformative healing. Max and I will be offering VortexHealing sessions at a reduced rate for the next few weeks. If you book a session within the next 14 days it will only cost you £25 for a full session. Or – even better, if you book a series of four sessions at the full price of £30 per session, we will provide the last session free of charge costing only £90 instead of £120.

To take advantage of this special offer, send an email to wizardwellbeing(at)

Much Love to all you wonderful Wizards, don’t forget to acknowledge your own wisdom today…”tis a powerful thing in deed!

Bright Blessings

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