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Education Otherwise

We are taught to believe that education is compulsory.
But it’s not the forced conscription that they make it out to be.
The pre-programmed prescription of a sick society,
That teaches me to forget that the choice is down to me.

Soon children will be taught to work a ten hour day,
With sixty pound fines if you take them on a holiday.
If they taught us how to manage money maybe we could pay,
For our children Not to face those bullies every day.

For them Not to endure the regular playground destruction,
That happens everyday with no resilience instruction,
And to Not Under Stand the authoritarian functions,
Of do your best, toe the line and be fearful of sanctions.

Decide at thirteen what you wanna be when you’re older.
Be a good little girl or a brave little soldier,
And never, ever, ever forget what we told ya;
Don’t you try to be special or anything bolder.

How does it work when my ideas are bigger than me,
But my brilliance doesn’t come from a GCSE?
When education is a privilege and it’s offered for free,
Yet we nurture in a culture of low self esteem.

When all those resources are forced on those poor kids.
They lose their respect for the forces that force it.
Low attendance reports are enforcing a lawsuit,
With financial sanctions and we can’t afford it!

When all we are taught is to strive to survive,
Is the knife in the back, or the back on the knife? 
All we need to teach is a way to feel alive, 
Learning should provide a place to thrive.
I’ll meet you on the other side 
of education – At school or Otherwise.

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